Get to know Coach Alana--AKA Coach Jonny's much better half.

Mora, MN is a small farm town about an hour north of the Twin Cities, where I attended grade school.  Just outside of that you can find a village by the name of Quamba, which in Ojibwe means "mudhole."  That is where I grew up!  Smaller than a small town girl I guess you could call me.  As a child, I was outside with my siblings as much as possible doing all things active and adventurous. Sports, bikes, and bugs made life great.
I can remember when I first felt confident as a young athlete and fell in love with fitness.  During my 7th grade year at school, the varsity volleyball coach asked me to be a part of the team because I was quick and would dive for any ball anywhere on the court.  That experience helped  shape the athlete I am today.  I also pole vaulted for 4 years and pioneered the sport for our high school.  Fast forwarding from there I discovered rock climbing, mountain bike racing, and my most favorite sport, CrossFit.
Looking back on how my CrossFit journey began, I would say it pretty much fell in my lap.  Jonny, my husband, asked if I wanted to go to a Level 1 CrossFit course in Denver one weekend.  I said yes, sounded like fun.  I had never actually participated in a CrossFit class though.  That weekend changed my life.  I fell in love with the philosophy and the idea that anyone can do this sport.  That trip to Denver was 5 years ago and I have been training and coaching CrossFit ever since.  Bringing things to the present day, my goal is to make it back to the regional competition floor either on a team or as a masters athlete in 2019.  Until then, I train hard 6 days/week and help coach mornings.
Outside of CrossFit 5885, my favorite things include watching my 12 year old son, Kage, at all his sporting events and just hanging out with my husband.  We work together which is very fortunate that we get to see each other all day but nothing beats doing absolutely nothing together when we aren't at work!  Don't get me wrong, every day if we could we would go biking, snow shoeing, paddle boarding....I could go on and on about the stuff we enjoy, but CrossFit 5885 has been a passion of ours since the beginning and the family that resides in our community couldn't be traded for the world!  That makes it all worth it!