Chris aka Aussie

Get to know Coach Chris....a.k.a. Aussie!
Where you're from -  Brisbane, Australia (live in Lakeville, Minnesota now)
When/where you started your fitness pursuits -  Australia with a trainer back in 2006
Did you play or do any sports before starting crossfit -  Rugby league and swimming as a kid. trail running and  surfing and paddleboarding when I can these days.
When you started crossfit - October 2013
Who introduced you - Co-workers
Why do you love crossfit - every workout is different and your constantly working on your strengths and weaknesses. working out with a group of friends makes the hard ones that much better.
Why do you coach - I really enjoy seeing people reach there full potential and pushing themselves to a level they thought they could never achieve.
How you like to coach athletes/clients - I like to keep it fun and relaxed while challenging athletes at the same time. I enjoy helping people break down the movement into parts to give them a better understanding of the correct form.
What is your focus when you coach - form, technique, community, having fun, working hard.
Coaching experiences - Swimming at he pool in Australia and assisting coach my younger brothers rugby league teams growing up.
Sport experiences since and/or before crossfit - the best experiences I have had since starting crossfit have been memorial day murph, team competitions, ragnar relay and going to the 2017 crossfit games.
Family life  - wife erin and two dogs (kirra and bailey)
Future goals - I would like to eventually be a part of a team that runs a fitness/recreation center offering crossfit, swimming, rock climbing and other fitness based activities.
Favorite food - steak with sweet potato and grilled vegetables
Favorite animal - dolphin or kangaroo
Favorite thing out side of crossfit - travelling to new places and surfing