Where you're from - Barnum, Minnesota (30 minutes south of Duluth) 
When/where you started your fitness pursuits - I guess you could say summer of 2009 is the first time I stepped in a weight room. I was 15 years old and we were urged by the football coach to lift. When I was in the gym I dreaded it, I basically was just there to hang out with my friends and make my coaches happy. I didn't SERIOUSLY start my fitness pursuits until about 2012.
Did you play or do any sports before starting CrossFit - Football, Wrestling, Basketball. 
When you started CrossFit - 2013
Who introduced you - A tv at the campus gym playing the CrossFit Games 
Why do you love CrossFit - SO SO many reasons, but I'd say the main thing is the grittiness of it. You have to have courage and mental resilience to make it through these workouts. The type of courage and grit that society is so badly trying to weed out. This stuff isn't easy, and I love that. People need to become more battle tested, and CrossFit battle tests you. I hit a wod and come out the other side knowing I gave everything I had--the rest of the day's obstacles seem easy. Well, that and it makes me look better naked. 
Why do you coach - Again, SO many reasons. I really feel like the Lord put me here at least in part to be a coach. There is something so magnificent about seeing the joy of someone getting their first pull-up, or helping someone lose unneeded weight and gain back confidence, or just seeing so many people do things they never thought possible. The confidence people gain from CrossFit trickles into every aspect of their lives, not just the gym. Being a catalyst to that process is possibly the most rewarding thing I've ever experienced.
How you like to coach athletes/clients -
It's no secret that I tell it the way it is. But again, that's truly because I love the folks in my gym. I'm all about getting the most out of the athletes I coach. But really here is my mantra...
1: Quality/safe movement
2: Have fun
3. Work hard
If I can accomplish those three things when I coach, I feel I've had a successful coaching session.

Coaching experiences -

  • Started personal training in summer of 2013
  • Managed a gym from 2014-2016
  • CrossFit Level 1 and personal training certificate
  • Speed and Strength Coordinator for CrossFit gym 2014-2016
  • Current youth personal trainer
  • Coach the Barbell Class
Family life  - I love my family, everyone at 5885 I truly consider family outside of my "actual family."
Future goals - Bring my general contracting business to the top. One day own a gym. One day get to CrossFit Regionals. *this is all of course if it's what Jesus wants me to do.
Favorite food - Prime Rib
Favorite animal - Lion
Favorite thing out side of CrossFit - Jesus