Jonny J

Get to know Coach Jonny J!!!
Where you're from - Isle, Minnesota
When/where you started your fitness pursuits - Started in elementary school...which was a long time ago in case you're wondering...
Did you play or do any sports before starting CrossFit - Wrestler @ Moorhead State University, Soccer, Rugby (NDSU), Muay Thai,  mountain bike/road/cyclocross racing, Ironman Triathlon, motocross, enduro.
When you started CrossFit - We opened CrossFit 5885 in December of 2012
Who introduced you - Found the main site back around 2000 or so and started using some of it with clients.
Why do you love CrossFit - In my 20+ years of coaching and training, it is the best all around method I have found. It can be adapted to anyone at any level, and the community and family that is created in the process make it second to none.
Why do you coach - God gave me the ability and opportunity to use this platform to help people in oh so many ways, and gave me a team of people better than I could ever have asked for.  To waste that gift would be a sin.
How you like to coach athletes/clients -  With an intense, relaxed, hard-core gentle touch.
What is your focus when you coach -I don't have any one singular focus, because every athlete needs something different. We find what needs fixing and we fix it.
Coaching experiences - 5 years in CrossFit, 15 years as a professional personal trainer,  cycling/triathlon coach  since 1993,  College instructor (personal training), co-founder of the Penn Cycle Triathlon team and co-founder of the Minnesota Multi-sports club, Strength and conditioning for the Burnsville Blaze Girls Hockey, Riptide Elite swim team, Rev Soccer club, Rosemount junior Olympic Volleyball, junior wrestling, Optum Health Endurance Coach and corporate wellness program development lead.
Family life  - My wife Alana and super awesome step-son Kage!
Future goals - Victory.
Other fun things - Co-founder and lead instructor for 5 years of the Associate Degree program in health and exercise @ Saint Paul College, 13 year Auto mechanic / Audi certified expert technician
Favorite thing out side of CrossFit - My beautiful wife Alana!
Fun List of Certs and Educational Background:
  • CF-L2 and Competitor Coach
  • CF-Pose Running Instructor
  • CF-Rowing
  • CF-Gymnastics
  • AIS stretching specialist
  • USA Weightlifting L1
  • USAT
  • USAC
  • USATF 
  • Fitness Nutrition Specialist
  • Degree in health and exercise science
  • Certified pre-natal/post-partum exercise prescription
  • Metabolic testing adviser @ LTF
  • Certified spinning instructor