Get to Coach Nevin!
Where you're from -  Down Yonder in Hobbs, New Mexico! 
When/where you started your fitness pursuits - Started playing soccer and baseball as a little kid, but wasn't much of fitness pursuit as it was a sport pursuit!
Did you play or do any sports before starting crossfit -  I mainly played soccer.  Played all the way through college. 
When you started crossfit - December of 2012
Who introduced you - A friend of mine, Geo, got me to do 3 rounds of 20 squats, 20 sit-up, and 20 push-ups....I don't know if I was able to really finish cause he said go as fast as possible...I did...and I didn't know what hit me...never thought that I, a formal college soccer player, would have ever been devastated by those three movements.
Why do you love crossfit - I love the community and shared experience each workout and each day brings.  Coming from a team sport background, CrossFit was the best thing for me.  Once I graduated college, I was like...I guess I just stop doing, work, eat, and hopefully not get to out of shape.  THEN CROSSFIT HAPPENED and I'm in love with it.
Why do you coach - Coming from a ministry background in the church, I absolutely love community, relationships, and helping people over come things and achieve their goals.  I love coaching because I get to have all three of those!  I get to be involved in a phenomenal community, have some of my best friends, AND I get to help you achieve your goals.
How you like to coach athletes/clients - I would say my go to way of coaching is with verbal and visual cues.  It's my goal to be able to get you to move well with out me having to do show you, but then occasionally I'll demo it up.  I'm also gonna be your biggest cheerleader in the moment.  I'll encourage you and celebrate each victory with you because!!! I know what it was like to start crossfit for the first time, not knowing a THING ABOUT FITNESS!  I just knew how to run and kick a ball haha
What is your focus when you coach - My biggest focus when I coach is are you getting more fit safely.  I understand there is a process to learning movements, standards, reaching goals, and that means we won't always be moving perfect.  SO! My focus is to get you to move perfect one step at time and allowing you to pursue intensity at when its safe to do so. 
Coaching experiences - I have a lot of pastoring experience and that helps with the coaching experience.  BUT! I have been a coach for 5 years now, coaching crossfit and before that soccer.
Sport experiences since and/or before crossfit - Before crossfit was college soccer!  SINCE I've started crossfit, all my sports experiences evolve around crossfit style competitions both as an individual or as a team.
Family life  - Married to the one and only Tayzha! and we have a lovely daughter Indie AND! AND!! We are expecting baby #2
Future goals - Our future goals are to get to Costa Rica as missions by this May of 2018.  We are currently iterating, fancy wording for support raising.  We are Missionary Associates with the Assemblies of God World Missions.  After our first 2 years working with university student ministries, we hope to go as career missionaries.  We are in the talks about possibly opening up a crossfit gym there as a ministry focused gym.  There to pour into the folks who join the community and to hopefully fund education and food services as well as the sharing the Gospel to the smaller villages in the mountains.
Favorite food -  Mexican
Favorite animal - Cow because it taste so good!!!!
Favorite thing out side of crossfit - My wife and Kid!  LOVE THEM SO MUCH! and is not as cool as my wife and kid but it is one of my favorites...
SOME CERTIFICATIONS AND STUFF: CF Level 1, Level 2, CF Weight Lifting, Bachelors Degree in Pastoral Studies, 3 years at Fort Myer's Master's Commission, I also have my Assemblies of God Pastoral License.