Yoga for Athletes

All right athletes!  You KNOW you need to add yoga into your regular routine.  Your coach tells you to do it, your body is aching for it, and for some reason, you still aren't doing it.  What gives?

Besides the fact that it is a great workout and helps you get in touch with your "kinesthetic" sense, there are multiple benefits of a regular yoga practice.  Some of which include:

  • reduce/prevent injury
  • improve joint range of motion and mobility
  • increase athletic performance
  • aid in active recovery
  • promotes proper muscle-length-balance tension
  • improving mental focus while calming the mind
  • improve postural alignment
  • increase core strength

If you are a recreational/competitive athlete of any age and live south of the river in the Twin Cities metro area, YOU are welcome to join Coach Deb at Yoga for Athletes. 

These classes are ideal for those who may:

  • be new to yoga (and maybe a bit afraid of trying)
  • consider themselves to be too inflexible to even try
  • be dealing with chronic muscle/joint pain, or
  • experience repetitive stress/strain injuries
  • need time to set up a position and feel the changes before moving to the next pose

All Yoga for Athletes classes will focus on improving mobility versus building strength by giving time to the students to get into longer holds in poses and provide cueing that coaches and encourages students to become more aware of their current position.  I always say "you can't fix what you can't feel" and "you can't change what you're not aware of" so this class has a slower tempo so individuals can check their body position versus correct alignment and actually have time to improve overall posture and joint mechanics.

So guess what?  There is absolutely NO REASON why you shouldn't join us!  If you are a CrossFit 5885 member, this class is included in your membership at no additional cost.  Not a member?  No worries.  You can attend as often as you like by simply purchasing a punch pass.

Get you punch pass, bring your yoga mat, block & strap and we'll see you upstairs in the studio!  Questions?  Please reach out to Coach Deb.